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From Yesterday By Anupam Dasgupta(BOOK REVIEW)

RATINGS - 🌟🌟🌟 out of 5 stars

REVIEW- After reading the"BLURB" I already came to know that it is possibly going to be an easy read, so probably it wont take much time.Well,my assumption was right.The story line is smartly executed.
FROM YESTERDAY is the journey of this three amazing characters Advait(Adi),Anita and Christina.
The best part that I enjoyed  was when Adi met Ravenna (The Tarot Card Reader) and they hopped into dance floor, am not a"SALSA DANCE" fan but this part made me though.Apart from this my favourite chapter was CH-5(Pg-63)MIDNIGHT COFFEE and I also enjoyed CH-16(Pg-162)CHICAGO and when I turned the last chapter"AT THE BEAN" I came to discover that its the LUX of this entire book THE LETTER that Anita left.

P.S- The chemistry between Adi and Anita is so beautiful and yes it literally reminds me one of my favourite song 🎶
"Ei to hethay,kunjo chayay swapno modhur mohe.....
       Ei jiboner je kota din pabo
Tomay amay heshe khele katiye jabo donhe.
         Swapno modhur mohe"

WRITING STYLE - The writing style was decent and dainty

MY REACTION/RECOMMENDATIONS -  I like the book its a good book I expect much better in future ,I would love to recommend "FROM YESTERDAY" to every age. ☺


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